We Screamed BREATHER Part 1

My dad found the extra time to schedule this breather and I must say, it was definitely a weekend well spent!

I have always been partial to Shangri-La Mactan because of its accessibility, beachfront, fish feeding and snorkeling activities, and most especially their FOOD choices at Tides but after spending 2 days and 1 night at Imperial Palace, i can now say that summer would never be complete without hitting any of the two five-star hotels!

One thing's for sure, Buffet Familia has a wide array of intercontinental dishes that would surely mesmerize any food buff such as the 3 boys in our family. haha. Their waterpark is something one should never miss when visiting this new hotel. I tried all three water slides and was ever thankful to have survived the green one (the longest slide of the bunch) haha!

Their beachfront, compared to Shangri-La Mactan, is one thing that they have to work on because on a scale of 1-10 where ten is the highest point, they are still 5-points shy from Shang's perfect 10 beachfront.

Some of you might be wondering why I keep comparing the two. Well, for starters, Imperial Palace's facade is very much similar to Shangri-La's, it's like a blue print copy of the latter. Even the lobby, grand staircases and some interiors are complete copies. There are rumors going around as to why the owner decided to build it that way but that is beyond the scope of this short descriptive write-up of our stay in IP. hehe.
But each premier hotel has their own strengths still so its still good.

It was our first time in Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa and the experience was the best one yet!

Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City Cebu
for inquiries, promotion and packages, visit their site here.

p.s. sorry for the pictures overload
  1. we have yet to make a visit to Imperial Palace. I so want to try the giant slides!

    love your swimsuit. and the hat adds a nice touch. xx


  2. I haven´t been to Mactan yet ( that is if the airport counts hahaha!). The place looks fab! I missed the sun, sea and the sea breeze, it´s been raining here for 2 weeks now and so looking at your pics makes me miss Pinas more.

    Anyway,I like the dotted and stripes combo of your 2-piece. You wore it so well! ;)

  3. There is a surprise award for you,
    will you visit my blog :D

  4. i only got to try their breakfast buffet and shangrila still is the best for me..hehehehe. i think i'll soon try their lunch buffet...

    ps. love your denim jeans and shirt combo...

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  5. wow...love the bikini Toni, sexy sexy as always....

    I love imperial palace as well, but I am not impressed with their waterpark hehehe...

    take care love,

  6. that's a fabulous place. i've been to cebu once and i loved it.

    you're so sexy.

  7. I haven't been to Imperial but these photos are beautiful. I will definitely give this hotel a try next time... I always book at Shangrila. Now, I do have a choice.

    I love your bikini, love the mix of prints. xoxo

  8. whatta colorful swimwear toni dear!blooming pud kaau ka.sexy pa jud!most of my friends in Cebu enjoyed the beach and pools in Imperial palace already.tana someday ako pud.haha ^=^

  9. Oh man, we seriously need to drop by Imperial Palace one of these days.

    Love the shirt-shorts combo :)

  10. I've been there last night. So gorgeous! So like a Shangrila-clone dontcha think?? :) I love their cabanas, too and freaking mahal haha. Gorgeous photos Toni as yush! :)