Sundog Millionaire

May 7, 2010

This morning, I was woken up to a series of beeps and a couple of missed calls on my cellphone. It was a bit perplexing to read messages like: "Go out NOW! look at the sun!" and "OMG! the sun!" and another "YOU HAVE TO SEE IT! look at the SUN!!" And I admit, I hate reading text messages in All Caps format. I can almost imagine the sender yelling right at my face. Grrr. What a nice way to greet my day. But a call from my dear cousin, Joan, prompted me to get my lazy butt out of bed and head outside to see what the commotion was all about.

Lo and behold! a SUNDOG! My very first time to witness such spectacle and I was wowed a million times over! My sister and I wasted no time and took pictures of the marvel that was Parhelion.

Encyclopedias say that once a Parhelion occurs, it means rain is coming but I don't see a teensy bitsy sign that it is indeed coming. I am still baking in this little corner even with the windows wide open and the fan in maximum setting. This hot spell is slowly drying my brains out making it hard to stay coherent. Gaah!

On to the outfit: A couple of days ago, my mom asked me (no, more like begged) to wear again the "real deal" as I am always wearing fashion accessories these days and she's not so used to me wearing them so often. So yesterday, I wore some of the pieces that I knew would make her day to a client meeting. And boy, was she ecstatic to see me wear this cameo necklace which her aunt passed on to her a couple of years ago (God bless her soul). It's her favorite so she literally spent pretty much the rest of our afternoon (after the meeting, of course) talking about it. And I find it cute and heart warming how she treasures family heirlooms. She loves cameo pieces and her collection is just awesome! I love you Mom!

Apartment floral dress. Black pumps -People r People. random black cardigan. braided black belt -gift from a cousin. cameo necklace, Tommy Hilfiger watch, earrings -from mom and dad. Forever21 duo ring. Forever21 black bag -F21 @ Power Retail.


  1. Oh, I love that sundog photo. That´s rare!

    That cameo necklace is fab, you lucky girl! Things like that are definitely for keeps.Love your shoes too. Hay, wish I could wear heels as high as that but the streets here are not that heel friendly.

    I hope it rains there, in here it´s back to winter cold and wet.

    Happy weekend, Toni! :)

  2. you look gorgeous! i love your outfit and the sky snapshots. the sun halo is stunning and mystical!! <3

  3. Wow! Looks gorgeous. I love your outfit too.


  4. Oh toni! Gaaahd you look so pretty (as always naman)! You really look sweet, fresh, pretty and cute (sophisti-cute) ^__^

    style and soul

  5. oh! i envy your long, long legs :) ang ganda ng outfit mo toni

  6. I thought slumdog millionaire,my fave movie.hehe
    what can i say toni, you are so beautiful with that dress.kasexy oi.
    i want to have a cameo necklace mama,dili uso sa iya na.hay :(

  7. gorgeous dressss!
    love your blog x

  8. perfect and gorgeous!! the outfit i put together in looklet is similar to this ensemble.. yours of course is much better coz its fohreal hehehe.. love it girl!

    The ViXeN's LaiR

  9. love love the 5th photo toni :)

  10. Great pics & you look stunning! Love your necklace.

  11. Gosh, I haven't seen a sundog in real life. This is an amazing experience.

    I love your dress... it's so pretty. And you are indeed so gorgeous. xoxo

  12. love ur dress with the zipper on the outside..and the cameo necklace..i have been looking for the perfect cameo but havent found any:(

  13. cute outfit!!!love the necklace!!!! great blog!

    xoxo jenna

  14. i love the last picture the most! sweet shoes. :)

  15. you are beyond gorgeous toni!!! and dang those legs... :)


  16. hahahaha! i took photos of the sundog and stared at (wearing sunnies) for a while...when i got back to my room, i kept seeing a flash when i blink..hehehe. i woke up with a bad headache...tsk tsk. it was an amazing experience sight...

    neway, on to the outfit -- which is sooo pretty! love the cameo necklace...if i had that, i'd force to wear it with everything..LOL. and oh, i bought the all black peep-toes in people are people too...:D

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  17. Cute dress!

  18. The floral dress is gorgeous. I love how it's different from other floral dresses with its zipper detail.

  19. Beautiful! I never heard of a Sundog! Your mum is so right - the necklace is gorgeous. Happy weekend to you!

  20. WOW the sundog is SO cool :) can't say that I have ever seen one......but seeing these pictures makes me wish I could!

    I love your dresss. The zipper on it is so cute. I'm obsessed with zippers right now. Your heels are also equally amazing- you rock it!!!

    Maggie :)

  21. lovely outfit its so cute and i love your necklace great design its amazing
    all are very cute picture
    great post

  22. this must be my favorite outfit of yours babe. the cameo necklace is soo pretty. i want one. i mean i have one but not a heirloom or something. haha.

    soo pretty!


  23. ohh the shoes are gorgeous!!

  24. i love your bag very much girl !
    the first 2 pics are divine !
    thanks for the comments love ! :) :)
    glisters and blisters

  25. Envy that cameo! I've gone to tiangges and thrift stores looking for pendants to hang on 3 peso ribbons.

    A from

  26. The necklace is so pretty! :) And so are you! Might visit PRP one of these day! Heheh!

  27. loving the rainbow pictures..
    and you girl look stunning!
    the dress is perfect and the heels too.

  28. i love your sundog photo like if only i could see something like that every morning i wake up here in taguig i'd be just happpieeeyy :D hehehe. I adore your floral printed dress plus the high heel shoes. You totally give off the summer vibe :D

  29. That first photo is spectacular. Did this just happen in Cebu? Because I didnt witness anything like it here..

    The dress is a beauty and I love the necklace on you!

  30. I was planning to blog about that as well...but I guess it is going to be a very late post hahaha....will continue to blog once I get back at BKK...take care love...

    it was nice meeting you...


  31. You're lucky to be a recipient of such treasured things. :)

    Wasn't the sundog just awesome? Haha

  32. great pics of the sundog. i haven't seen one yet.

    great photos. i love your outfit. you always look pretty.

  33. nice dress..i love it very much..
    wanna exchange link and or follow me??

  34. i love love love cameo necklaces, rings, everything! and its amazing that this one is so special to you, especially the fact that its an heirloom! LOVE IT! :)

    chloe **



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