Good Friday Road Trip

 So this is a super late post. I wore this to our Good Friday road trip down south. My sister keeps on saying that this, in our dialect, is pan.os already (panis in Tagalog, stale in English) Haha! But what the heck, I owe it to myself, to this cute top and to our beautiful destination to make this blog entry.

The family made a beeline again to the now infamous Boljoon Church which is situated at the town's center fronting the gorgeous endless blue horizon. The drive was exhilarating as always, an experience my lola (grandma) missed again for she spent the better part of the trip sleeping (just like last year haha!) When we reached the place, I was once again smitten by the beautiful old structure and the warm welcome of the people. I blogged about this before and the experience was pretty much the same as last year. (You can read my 2009 blog here)
The only difference this time is that we went farther down south, to Oslob town proper, the farthest I've ever been to this part Cebu. I am now officially in love with Oslob and I definitely would want to live there someday. As I am writing this, dreams of owning a house on a cliff, overlooking the breathtaking and calming blue sea with a patio that opens up to the world where you can breath in the goodness of nature haunts me day in and day out. One day...

Oh Cebu, I love you. Mi provincia linda.

much love,

p.s. Sorry for the pictures overkill.. felt the desire to share with you lovelies a few of the pics we took ;)

F21 sunnies and Old Navy floral skimmers ordered at Power Retail
  1. At first I thought you were in Bohol. lol! Road trips are really the best especially when you´re visiting old and beautiful places for the first time.

    Love your Lola´s scarf,the floral shoes and the bangles!

    Missed eating siniguelas with rock salt, the plums in here although are much bigger don´t have that taste which we are used to in there.

  2. Nice ensemble. Love the necklace! BTW i jst moved here from livejournal. :)

    Style and Soul

  3. i love your scarf!!!

  4. ganda! i want your necklace. kainggit naman... where is that place? parang it doesn't look mainit there. haha.

  5. super cute outfit toni! bahala na ug pan-os's worth it man pud! :D i love your shoes too...super angayan man gud with your legs compared to my chubby ones..hehe.

    love the photos by the way..did you get a new camera??? :D

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  6. that place looks familiar. is Oslob near Santander? my whole family & i used to always go to one of Santander's beaches.

    I LOVE CEBU. miss the beaches there especially. both my parents are Cebuanos, so we're almost always there. :)

  7. love the entire set of worries for the super late least you are blogging's been a while...

    just give me a ring or message when you are available for the meet up...

    anyways! love the entire outfit plus the scarf and the sunnies, just perfect for summer...

    take care love...


  8. Lovely pictures ! Nice outfit ! Especially top & scraf !

  9. i am SO jealous! i wish i was on vacation!
    i love the casual look, it's so appropriate. you wear the headscarf beautifully! :)

    Tie Me a Bow

  10. Beautiful photos Toni... glad you posted them still... not "panis" at all. Hahaha! I love touring old churches and this is a part of Cebu I haven't been to yet.

    You top is so pretty... and you look so effortlessly chic in your outfit. Love the shoes too... so cute! xoxo

  11. i love the outfit!fresh na fresh and so comfy!nice place!i wanna go to Cebu too!!!

  12. amazing outfit and place, too!!

  13. Thats such a pretty top! And I agree.. Cebu is beautiful, I cant wait to go back very soon! x

  14. Ohh, I've never been there!

    Love the bling. :) And the new blog layout. :)

  15. love the new format of your blog.

    girl how tall are you? you're so slim. inggit ako tsaka sa siniguelas na yan.

  16. love that first picture!!!! and loving ur top!!!!

    xoxo jenna

  17. Where do you live?? It is beautiful!! I love your outfit with your head scarf and sunglasses! So chic!!

  18. I don't mind, I still enjoy these lovely pictures. So tropical and your outfit is super pretty, too!

  19. hi toni! thanks for the compliment about my blog :) i love urs too as well! i love lots of photos...for me, its not overkill :) and oh, im a proud bisdak too! i dont think i've ever been to this place even if im always in cebu...hmmm. i want to visit! such lovely pictures :)