Caramelo and Tuna Turnover

February 1, 2010

Back 2 Back 2 Back Concert: Side A, Freestyle and Juris.
It was totally a good one what with all the heartwarming melodies and groovy moves; yes DANCING! woot!
I thought my feet were going to break from dancing around too much. Haha!
It made me want to do Penthouse right after but decided against it. My sister still has hospital duty at 6AM the following day and going there clad in casual wear isn't really a good idea. Hihi!
So we all decided to hit the coffee shop and have our fill of Caramelos and Tuna Turnovers.

I was right when I tweeted: I'm feeling a lovely weekend heading my way. Hihi!

Left pic: My sister, Rose with our cousin, Ate Lot.
She's almost like our sister for we have the same family name and MIDDLE NAME! Apparently, her mom, who is my mom's only sister married my dad's uncle who first gave me my first Sidney Sheldon book! Hihi totally unrelated ender but yeah, that's the whole deal behind the same-family-and-middle names :D

A big shout-out to Ate Lot! Gracias tanto!
We'll surely miss you when you leave for work again :s
This made me miss someone.. *sniffs*
Moving on, is there anyone here who wants to have this gorgeous cocktail ring?

Quite a beauty, huh?
If you want this baby oh so badly (just like I do!), check out Nina's Blog and get a chance to win this!

Another blogger friend, Eden, is also hosting a giveaway: CITT 100th Post Giveaway. Up for grabs are DIY spiked headband and body harness that I am sure you will all love too!

I am pretty excited! Hooray for giveaways! :)

• Linen top - thrifted 20pesos only! ($0.40)
• Hollister pleated skirt
• JILL Linen brown belt
• Slouchy peep-toe booties
• Promod necklace
• Fossil Dress Watch - gifted
• Bought online Chainlink quilted bag

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  1. very short skirt huh?hehe. bitaw, you rocked it!
    and those shoes are cute!

    ps. my sis will have new arrivals by march so i'll just tell you when it's ready..:D

    and i also entered Nina's giveaway :D

    thanks so much for dropping by my blog and the lovely comments :D
    hope you've had a great weekend..
    michelle . @ GLISTERS&BLISTERS

  3. i love the neutral colors and the accessories. you have beautiful family members, you look like your sister. that ring is pretty. I also linked it on my blog.

  4. Hy, thanks for the comment, you have a lovely blog :D
    Thanks for the links of the giveaways


  5. a great outfit for a night out of concert :)

  6. hi toni!
    wow.kasexy sa baji oi.i love your top gurl.flowy and comfortable. and wow congrats it's cheap lang!great find!you look gorgeous on your outfit.

    you are all beautiful!

  7. hi sweetie! thanks for passing by my blog and im loving the ring!!! =D

  8. love that bag!!! sounds like a fabulous weekend full of dancing :)

  9. Toni, this is one of my fave outfits. I love your super short skirt. You pull it off so well. xoxo

  10. Yes that ring is gorgeous!! Love the top girl and I hope your feet are recovering now hehe

  11. I seriously love your outfit Toni. Gwapa kaayo ka! You look so tall!!!


  12. those shorts are fabulous!

  13. and chic naman ng outfit mo.

    i love the sheer tights. Very sexy yung outfit but not showing too much skin. Very chic.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  14. dae, you were there sad diay?? too bad wa ta nagkita. and yeah, i practically got floored when jinky sang started all over again. wow. and do you agree with me na juris f needed a new stylist? hahaha. funny.

    btw you looked great!


  15. I just love it :) The tunic and skirt look like they were made for each other. And the cream quilted bag is gorgeousssss.

    - Anna Jane xxx

  16. those are great photos .
    thanks for sharing it with us..

    thx for the comment on my blog
    michelle . @ GLISTERS&BLISTERS

  17. cute outfit you had on. :) i love the fact you're wearing a cute short skirt!! :D loving the whole look really. :)

  18. Toni, I love this whole outfit ... I wish we can go shopping together sometime! Someday soon, okay?

    I left you something on my post just now. Please come get it?

    And thank you, thank you, thank you for linking my giveaway. You have such a kind heart!

  19. That quilted bag is gorgeous! Your little girl is so cute. ;)

  20. such a cute outfit!
    love the shorts!

    maxwell conrad

  21. hello dear, just wanted to let you know i passed on an award to ya at my blog :)



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