Not Your Average Cab Driver

I was running errands for my mom and dad this afternoon when I realized that I did look like a woman cab driver in my outfit. Sheeesh! Haha!

Dont get me wrong though for I enjoy driving. I taught myself the basics when I was still 12 and had my first driving experience at 13. Driving school wasn't an option since I had my dad and my dad's cousin to teach me how to maneuver a MT vehicle. Oh joy!

"Too early for a girl like you," my uncle once said. Thin and frail, the driver's seat was no place for me. But what the heck, I was eager to get my hands on the steering wheel and render myself slave to the joystick
(i used to call it that. lol.)

So u can pretty imagine how much of an abatable nuisance I was back then. teehee!
So anyhoo, while waiting for the green light, I saw a group of manong drivers huddled together along the corner of Cortes Avenue (just had their lunch, i suppose) looking all full and relaxed and donning faded jeans and crisp white collared button-down shirts with chest pockets talking animatedly to one another. Aaahh.. the joys of lunch break! (good for them, btw)
Counting the minutes til it was my turn to speed down the jam-packed road, I found their uniforms presentable, appropriate and very very familiar.

So it got me thinking...


Yes, I've seen a couple of similar uniforms before. Same style, different cut.
Yes, pretty generic. I'm sure a lot of est
ablishments are using the same concept.
Final YES. I was missing something
.. but what?

Pushing the thought aside and checking the ugly zit on my forehead, it dawned on me..
Oh la la! There it was.. A refection of me on the rearview mirror weari
ng the almost same top those manongs were wearing (without the vest, of course).
Haha! I could walk up to them and easily blend in!
No borloloys, no vest and hair tied in a neat b
un and I'm all set!
Lady cab driver for a day. Why not?

• People r People Cab Driver Unifrom top
• Bought online vest

• Jag skinnies

• Old Navy Floral Canvas Skimmers (order at

• MOSAIC Amber cocktail ring from mom and dad
• The bead shop necklace

• Forever21 Jeweled Watch

• Promod drawstring bag

P.S. My sister almost turned Medusa on me when she saw this web log post and found out that I FORGOT to include a photo credit chuchuness. doh.
So here:
happy now? LOL.

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