Broke But Not Broken

Highlights of my day:
• Went to the bank today to pay for my orders. Oh drat. I'm starting again. I really should be saving cos there's this bag that I looove so much but can't afford to buy for now. Ugh. Talk about spending more than my weekly allowance allows me to.

• Dropped by the grocery store to buy toiletries. Was running of out shower essentials.

• Spent the rest of the day having my pictures taken for this particular blog. Oh sweet joy!

So now, after storing away all my essentials, I realized that I'm super broke from all of this week's (and last week's) buying spree. So broke that I had to borrow from my brother to buy chips. Oh dear.

Was gonna buy a new phone but I ended up spending all my moolah for other things.
I sooo wanna throw a fit right now!


Photos courtesy of my sister, Rose

• Bought online Korean Butterfly Top
• Generic Denim Shorts - SM Bazaar

• Wild Diva Espadrilles (order at

• Promod Drawstring Bag

• Turquoise jewelry set from mom and dad (my birthstone!)

• Sister's Mango Jeweled Sunnies

  1. wow..i like your clothes..the color combination is great.. =)..another fashion blogger from cebu.. =)

  2. I want to throw a fit too, I maxed out a credit card and I have no money to buy anything! I need a job lol. So did Rose get her camera instead of the laptop? lol.

  3. @ krisler: thanks dear! will link you! :)

    @ Marie: i need a job too!! lol. dad got her a Canon 1000D for her 21st bday. but just last week, he offered to buy her a laptop! spoiled little witch! LOL.

  4. i LOVE the wedge :)

    **ill follow your can follow mine as new to