Talisay Drive

Drove down south to accompany sisterette to Talisay District Hospital to do PA on her would-be patient for the week. And because I hate waking up so early, I sprawled on my bed far longer than I should have and ended up scurrying around to get ready. I went loca for a few minutes trying to figure out what to wear. Ugh. This is what I don't like.. having to rush on choosing my get-up for the day! Drat.

Knowing that I'll be behind the wheel all day since sissie here doesn't know how to drive yet, wore the most comfortable ensemble I could find that would still look A-okay for an afternoon of malling :)

NY&Co Snakeskin Hobo my boyF got me for my bday last year. I love it to death!
Oh and thanks too for my watch babe! :)

As I was browsing through my albums while waiting for my uploads to finish, I found this pic and realized that I've worn my bottoms twice already but just dint have the chance to blog it coz I was busy writing about some other things that time. teehee :D

January 2. with Kimie @ Zoe's Christening.

• Space Black Top
• Promod Trousers
• Michael Antonio Snake Design Flats (order at powerretail.multiply.com)
• Mango Oversized Sunnies
• NY&Co Snakeskin Hobo from tam :)
• Fossil two-tone ladies watch from tam :)
• Wood Dome ring from Kultura

  1. love those trousers. its color and easy-breezy comfort is so perfect for summer. Promod's the best!

    and that ring... TDF!

    i love that ur having more outfit posts. keep 'em coming!

  2. been trying to get out of the house more often.. i'm hella bored staying indoors all day! lol.

    the ring costs 99Php only, Di. its from Kultura, SM. sweet steal, eh? :D