Sky High

I'm a sucker for Sky High Platforms.

My mom could never understand my lusting for shoes with 4-inch heels. She once said that a lady standing 5-foot-five doesn't need one anymore, that I'm tall eno
ugh to not get lost in a sea of people.
But I could (and chooses) NOT to understand her reasoning.
They're too painfully irresistible!

Just recently, I purchased a gorgeous pair from Anne Michelle Pazzaz (imagine my mom's disapproving look!)
and they're TDF!

I just adore its wooden stacked heels; they add class to this already glamorous fashion must-have!
They're everything I've always wanted! Red, Rare design (since I ordered them from the US), stacked heels and most of all, they're high! like crazy
i loooove them to death!

So tell me, how can I not flaunt them?

Friend's wedding. Chateau de Busay.

Anne Michelle Pazzaz Pumps -
• Sequined Halter Party Dress - Cocoon Boutique, Ayala Center Cebu

  1. ei, im also inlove w/ any quirky platform shoes. and my lack of height totally justifies this. hahaha.

  2. but nothing beats ur Oxfords, Di! I looove them! suyaon ayo! lol. im actually thinking about buying a pair.. that is if i dont chicken out and ask a friend to buy it from me for lack of guts to wear them. haha!

  3. ei, those oxfords came really cheap. only P700 from SM.

    and agen, u have every right to be fashionable. you can do it!