Glitter Madness

I'm all for Tinkerbell's stardust wonder these days and its evident in some of my accessories.
SOME because I only have 2 glitter-y glitters for today (coz tomorrow's a different story. lol)

I went nuts when I saw F21's GLOBE RING.
I decided right that very moment that it was gonna be my IT/Must-Have/STATEMENT ring for 2009.
I was dying to
get it!

But then, my sister wanted one for herself as she is an avid fan of oversized rings too.
Knowing her, I gave in to her request and let her have it.
I know, I'm such a darling big sister!
*rolls eyeballs and coughs*

As I went looking for more stardust materials, I saw their (F21) GLITTER GLOSS HINGE WALLET and everything else went black. lol.

So, the impulsive buyer that I am, I ordered the wallet right away.
RED, I decided, was the color for me this time.

few pieces to add to my growing collection ;)

• Forever21 Globe Ring
• Forever21 Glitter Gloss Hinge Wallet
For pre-orders, you may visit my friend's site @

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