Instagram Week #2

January 23, 2014

i said in my first installment of the Instagram series on the blog that i will make it a point to have a collective post of instagram photos every week so i wont have an excuse to not update weekly. but sad to say, i am 2 weeks behind this installment already. but you know, one tends to slack off during the holidays. yes? agree? haha!

so before i go write a whole explanation letter, here's the Instagram Week #2!

left: my sister bought a Motex tapewriter and went label-crazy which reminds me to buy a refill for my Dymo printer
right: a shoes of the day photo when i met with fellow CFB and Karimadon for an exploration meeting

left: Basic House, a korean fashion brand, recently opened its doors to Cebu shoppers and i was lucky enough to be invited to their opening. thanks Selrahco Management!
right: its been pretty cold lately and my butterball felt the need layer clothes too! haha!

left: my birthday last month i celebrated with my family over dinner at the newly opened Tonkatsu by Terazawa in Ayala
right: saved my husband the trouble of finding the "perfect" birthday gift for me and bought this Topshop Croc Turn-lock handbag. currently obsessed with it!

left: so i started working on my beautiful The Daykeeper Planner now after days of debating whether to use it or not. its just too pretty! haha!
right: my Hell Yeah doodle book, a "little something for the New Year because Christmas present is so mainstream" haha! Thank you, Topshop!

left: the only times i get to go out these days is when i need to replenish pantry stocks. or if i have events to attend. so for running errands, im usually parading around town in jeans, basic shirt and flats.
right: if i am not running errands or busy procrastinating, i make it a point to squeeze in 10-15 minutes of exercise. im far from my desired weight and form but baby steps. baby steps ;)

are you on Instagram? drop a line or two, would love to see your feed!


  1. Toni! That tummy! You look great!

  2. you have a great figure ! im on instagram as laurenbrittonloves, check it out if you like :)
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

  3. Such cute pictures! Love your blog

    ps I am so jealous of how in shape you are!

    With A City Dream



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