How Do You Rate The Morning Sun

November 10, 2011

what i would ask myself every morning the moment i step out of the house while i was still in LA. mornings there are just different and i don't know why.

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vintage little white dress. Forever 21 blazer. shubizz heels. charlotte russe satchel. Forever 21 chain bracelet. H&M gold flat ring. Cocoon ring. Universal Studio Boutique watch.


  1. Hi dear! :))
    I am sooooo digging your mustard jacket! I love this look :))
    I can't wait for F21 to open in Cebu. See you soon :))

  2. Hello, Toni!

    The morning sun in LA looks gorgeous and the photos are just too beautiful. Grabeha! The photos really speaks for themselves.


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  4. pwede inig mata nako unya ingon ani sad? :)

  5. Love this post, I think it's one of the best yet on your blog. Huge respect, the blog's so pretty!!
    Follow each other? :)


  6. great outfit and pic again x

  7. toni ive been looking all over town for that figlia shoes! so sad its already sold out! huhu you look stunning as always



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