Tickled Pink

October 28, 2011 San Francisco International Airport (EMB), 275 S Airport Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94080, USA

The flight back home proved to be a little more tasking than expected. One very early flight from Long Beach to San Francisco (and nearly missing our shuttle pickup), 4 huge luggages, 20 kilos in overall excess and dropping a few hundreds for the fee left me and the sister speechless and totally devoid of appetite for breakfast, lunch and dinner. i knew we should have packed light and included everything else in the sea cargo box but i just couldn't help it. pasalubongs are not pasalubongs when given a month or so after arrival, right?
but it's all good and it was all worth it! im just happy to be home and even tickled pink by my brothers' uncontained excitement.
now for some serious blog hopping.. ;)

forever 21 blazer, h&m pants, apostrophe chiffon top, charlotte russe scarf, love d spectator shoes. michael kors watch.


  1. i love how the scarf balanced your outfit! you look so chic

    btw- come drop by my blog if you have time, and maybe follow each other if you like.. thanks dear! :)


  2. were just glad youre back!

  3. i've missed you tons toni! :D
    and i'm super glad you're back..
    although it didn't hurt living thru your travels via instagram..hihi. you and rose sure had the time of your life..whoot!

    ps. let's get together soon!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  4. I really miss reading ur blog! So swamped lately!!! Love this look on you! Very fall trend--color but same palette! Love the element of surprise too with the oxfords! x

  5. yey!you're back. :) missed you, toni. :)


  6. i love your outfit.

    i just discovered your blog, will definitely follow.

    you might wanna check my blog, i am giving away a pink satchel.

    I'm Apple

  7. Hello, Toni! I can't help but remember Mango's campaign with Isabeli Fontana looking at your airport outfit. Just forgot the season but I received the mailing list months ago.

    Love the pink blazer and pants and you just look so rad. :)

    Happy Sunday!

  8. Hello Toni :))
    Thanks for dropping by my blog :))
    I really like your airport outfit. I have been looking for the perfect pink jacket. Love the styling with the brogues. :)) Hope to see you soon also in our future meet-ups. Always been a fan ;p



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