Fall Precaution

September 21, 2011

its amazing how time flies like Superman high on amphetamines. 3 months have gone by so fast, feels like my life is running a 50k marathon without stops or on a car chase of 120 mile/hour speed. i cant believe that in a few days fall officially starts and my long chasing-after-summer vacation is finally coming to a close. in as much as i would like to stay and watch the beautiful seasonal senescence of leaves, plans are brewing back at home and i just cant wait to wear my optimism on my sleeve. life here is nothing short of wonderful and i feel so blessed to be surrounded by warm, beautiful and kindhearted souls. but before i get all mushy, slushy and sentimental in this comeback blog, here's a big shoutout and thank you post to Anshe and David T! i love you two and you both know why! i shall see you and NYC soon! if not this year, maybe next? ;)

anyway, im so hyped up for fall and i cant wait to bring on the warm mustard-color goodness of the season!

h&m bondage dress, jacket, lace-up sandals and flat gold ring. KT stockings. forever 21 necklace. steve madden fringe bag. michael kors watch.


  1. Hello toni,
    Woow. Welcome back! I'm an avid follower of ur blog. I'm also from Cebu. :)
    But boy, how stunning you are right now. You did change from top to bottom. Love it :)

  2. love the outfit, definitely! stripes and black never fails.

  3. you're looking good toni! missed your posts. more posts please. :)


  4. looking lovely, tonitons! ^^ bagay ka dira! pero pauli na diri hehe

    sunshines and rainbows,


  5. i love the new hair toni.. straight or curls bagay ra nimo. :) how's LA?! btw, i lvoe the leather jacket and the fringe bag.


  6. you're very fashionable as usual.


  7. Hi TOni! I love your jacket. and you look so chic in here. inggit ako sa bakasyon mo. :D

  8. Great striped dress and love the leather jacket!




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