Gossip Girls

June 12, 2010

 It was my first time in Casino Español de Cebu and I just fell in love with their interiors! 
the Spanish floor tiles are love!

Don't you just hate it when people talk behind your back? I mean sure, gossiping is inevitable but don't you hate it even more when they talk right in front you?

You see, the other day, my sister and I attended a friend's wedding and since the reception was scheduled 3 hours after the ceremony, we decided to hit the mall, have our gift wrapped, hang out a bit and grab a froccino. 
So while at the coffee shop, there were these two 30-something makeup-overkill oldies with a bunch of ugly nose jobs and hideous hydrogen-peroxide colored hair who kept looking our way while whispering to each other; apparently making snide remarks. So with utmost annoyance, I stared back when the other was looking and they both snickered like freakin' hyenas! I mean seriously, can they be any more classier?!

My sister and I were just minding our own beeswax and there they were, gossiping right in front of us. Geez oldies! don't you have better things to do than pick on ladies that could easily pass as your younger sisters? daughters, even? Where are their husbands when we need them the most to tell them to act their age?!
I am just annoyed at how some people can be soooo rude and act like a bunch of total idiots in public. What pisses me off the more is the fact that they were in some way, bullying us, trying to intimidate us with their "looks" (not a chance!) and even thinking that they are far more superior because 
a, they are much older (but am sure they feel like they're much younger);
b, they had designer bags for arm candies that make them look richer and;
c, they both think they are the prettiest skanks because they have the means to go under the knife any time they want.

I have nothing against plastic surgery, really. But if it deals with overbearing morosophs like the two ladies in the coffee shop, god help me with rantings for I will surely hate everything that is in some way, connected with their rotten personas. Gaaah!
I apologize for the dim and hateful feel of this blog entry, I am this pissed off.

 P.S. It was a beautiful wedding, btw. Perfect for two hearts who are without a doubt, head over heels in love with each other. Congratulations Brian and Honey!

SM Department Store Dress. Gojane shoes-Power Retail. Fossil Dress Watch. Cameo Necklace and Ring set from mom and dad.


  1. This dress looks gorgeous on you! I love your blog, it's so good to read a beautiful fashion blog from the Philippines. I'm half filipino and reading blogs like yours make me miss the Philippines.

    + + + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + + + +

  2. With you looking so gorgeous they must have been so inggit :) You look so sexy and pretty in that dress Toni!

  3. Hi dear! I love this dress! You look good in it! Those shoes are very pretty too!

  4. i always say that, "haters gonna hate. let them." sucha cliche but you can never really please everyone. so smile darling! haters are just there to remind you that there's something to be "hated" about you...in a good way, of course :)

    anyway, nice dress and shoes dear :)

  5. I wonder why some women think that just because they have lots of very expensive things they always feel superior. Kainis, ano? Don´t worry, they must be envious of your looks because you´re young and sexy while they look so fake. hahaha!

    Anyway, glad that you posted some El Casino Español photos here, the hubz really wanted to visit that place while while we were there but I told him it´s a private club. So they may not allow visitors even if he´s Spanish. haha!

    Happy Sunday ahead, Toni and stay positive, you´re so pretty to feel so glum! ;)

  6. waauuw you're v beatiful..get a good
    weekend..love you. xoxo

  7. woohoo! i'm not surpised they're hating! you look fab girl! :)

  8. Ohh I love how you rant about what happened the other day...that was so freaking mean of them....

    oh well, you are far more better than them...insecure bitches!!!!
    love the dress Toni

    take care gorgeous
    much love

  9. Wow, another Cebuana? I love your style, sister! :) I'm following you! :)

  10. relax lang gurl!ang beauty na to diha.hehe.suya ra sila kay gwapa mo. you look so sexy in that dress.^=^

  11. gossip is just that: gossip. best way to deal w/ it is to ignore, i think. they were obviously jealous of how pretty & skinny are! anyway, they're old & will probably be in their death beds soon. (haha, mean.)

    i like your shoes, btw! :D


    boat ride through the sky

  12. Beautiful as always!

  13. the dress looks lovely on you !!
    just ignore those stupid stares.. i know what you're feeling there. i get it alot here as well !

  14. Oh they were just probably jealous of your style!

  15. omg!!! i totally know what you mean with those rumor-addict women!!! i hate that too!!

    anyway, enough of them, more of you. i adore you in this dress!!! you look so feminine and chic!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  16. Awwww, you look sooo lovely toni! I'm sure as hell you turned heads as you walk. ;)


    PS: My friend and I started a new blog about NYC. There's so much more about this city beyond Carrie Bradshaw's Manolos. You might wanna visit this blog too (and feel free to follow!) :)

  17. i definitely know what you mean toni! there's this girl in the office who always has her head high and her face in a twist (like she's eaten a really sour orange) thinking she's better than anybody...she drives a nice car..is seriously rich...and talks and complains about everyone and everything.hahay! when she walks by, i just want to say, "hey, don't walk like that...you're ugly.." HAHA!

    we had encounters of snobs in casino español at my friend's wedding too...

    anyway, love the print of your dress...and it looks really good and sexy on you.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  18. I bet you are the highlight of their day! Hahaha. People are bitter like that :) Lovely dress!

  19. Nice dress - simple but so cute. x

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